Inlet Petroleum Company


Commitment to Employees

First-rate employees create and ensure a first-rate organization. Because of this, IPC works hard to ensure employees work in an environment where they can find growth, fullfillment, and success. Our commitment to employees:

  • Employees are encouraged to grow their skills, cross-train in different fields, and gain valuable professional experience.
  • Continued education is very important at IPC and employees often take advantage of our educational reimbursement program which helps pay for classes and coursework that lead to applicable certificates and degrees from accredited colleges and institutions.
  • Employees have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and team-oriented work environment.
  • IPC practices open and direct lines of communication throughout the company.
  • Employees can expect a competitive and comprehensive benefits package including 401k plan,  medical, vision, prescription drug, and life insurance coverage.
  • Employees' strong performance is rewarded, both financially and through increased career challenges.


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